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We're Still at War

We're Still at War


Using an innovative approach, these 13 comic strips narrate the destinies of people who in the battle against totalitarian power either morally triumph or succumb to their weaknesses. The tales deal with the conflict of specific individuals with totalitarian power, and are as diverse as life itself - they present both victory and defeat, great acts of heroism as well as human frailties and the struggle to come to terms with them.

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Název We're Still at War
Vychází 19.09.2017
Druh sortimentu Kniha
Jazyk anglicky
Značka (nakladatel) Kosmas s.r.o.(HK)
Rok vydání 201709
Pořadí vydání 1. vydání
Rozměry 210,0*300,0
Počet stran 180
EAN 9788025720905
ISBN 978-80-257-2090-5
Interní kód 0244478