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Eastern Europe! / Jankowski Tomek

Eastern Europe!


Almost four years after the publication of the first comprehensive popular history of Eastern Europe, Tomek Jankowski returns with a much-needed second edition that, like the first, seeks to demystify Europe's elusive "other half." These years have seen the Ukraine War, Putin's resurgent Russia, a migration crisis, and a precarious future for the European Union. All this and more is now addressed in Eastern Europe! Everything You Need to Know about the History (and More) of a Region That Shaped Our World and Still Does. Ideal for students, businesspeople, and those who simply want to know more about where Grandma or Grandpa came from. Jankowski's book has been widely praised for its blend of easy-to-navigate detail-college course adoptions have ensued (much opportunity yet on this front)--and remarkably reader-friendly prose, which has seen it become popular also with a general audience as a new Cold War of sorts underway, with Eastern Europe again the focus of a resurgent Russia. This second edition promises even more of the same.

Autoři: Jankowski Tomek



Název Eastern Europe!
Autor Jankowski Tomek
Druh sortimentu Paperback
Jazyk anglicky
Značka (nakladatel) Folio, spol.s r.o.
Rok vydání
Pořadí vydání 1. vydání
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Počet stran 688
EAN 9780997316926
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